Although Morocco is known for its pottery, people do not know about all different pottery that exist in the Kingdom of Morocco and the most breathtaking one is Tamegroute pottery, a village in the Casp of Sahara Desert. Tamgroute is a small village which is located on the way to Chegaga desert – the biggest dunes of Morocco. Tamgroute is well-known for its rich history and green and yellowish pottery. Tamegroute is the home to seven Atelier families who each own one oven and their own atelier. The families make sure that their craftsmanship is mastered by their children and grand-children in order to keep it alive and passed down from generation to generation, and well represented to the world. Tamegroute pottery is unique and authentic to the region. Each piece made has a distinguished style and it always belongs to its own crafter as it reflects his art, history and years of craftsmanship. With a unique crafting skills Tamgroute pottery process begins; the potters dig up the clay at Draa river and bring it in carts to the turn-ateliers after mixing the clay with water and let the moisture evaporate, then, potters start to spin and shape. They make unique bowls, mugs, jugs and serving platters. Last but not least hand dipped into the glazing mixture. What really forms Tamegroute pottery characteristic green color is a very low percent of copper and the clay of Draa river. The pottery is baked in one of the seven ovens at high temperature (1200 °C). You can always see the the dark smoke from outside the village! Tamegroute potters make their pottery unique by all the natural material they use and most importantly their passion, feelings and craftsmanship and that’s why Tamegroute pottery is the one and the only of its kind.