Vincent Jaquet, collector and enthusiast

Vincent Jaquet, collector and enthusiast

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For lovers of African art, handpicked tribal pieces such as African statues and masks

Vincent Jaquet, collector and passionate about the history of nomadic peoples, brings objects to life to create a vibrant place. By sharing his love for the world of exploration with us, he teaches us to stop talking and contemplate. So it is with Camel Souk, where Vincent goes to look for all the art contained in the gesture, and only afterwards, makes a story of it. Live, then remember, feel then say, sometimes write.

"The most beautiful artist who works here is time. It is this artist that I look for in all the pieces, I look for the work that time has done on objects. For me time is an extraordinary artist ”, Vincent Jacquet tells us. This is about investing in time, investing in time so that it never really fades away. So that even disappeared, it remains in our objects, in the depths of our daily life. But also, in a trace that is often visible, or even almost imperceptible.

From the start, a sweet scent of dates fills the air and invites sharing. We then feel accomplices of the desire to always discover, never to close our minds to new stories. It is having the guts to travel in the relief of reality, never closing our hearts to wonder.

Art and decoration enthusiasts can choose from a fine collection of rustic pieces such as delicate ceramic creations from Tamegroute known for its beautiful green enamel, woven leather poufs, or an armchair in tamarisk wood. A collection of authentic, handmade rugs is displayed here, including the famous Beni Ouarain rugs from the Middle Atlas with black graphic patterns on a background the color of eternal snow or kilim from the Khmisset region. A large collection of pottery in all forms stands in a corner of a room, a pure Moroccan tradition handed down from generation to generation which makes it a true art of living.

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