Camel Souk has decorated many amazing places and looking for all kinds of precious and amazing artwork over the past fifteen years. Each piece has its own story and its own brand. Camel Souk collects unique pieces made by artisans from all cities and regions of the Kingdom of Morocco.

Camel Souk sells antique pieces, Tamgrout pottery / pottery, rugs, wood crafts. Do not hesitate to consult our dedicated pages to discover our treasures.

Camel Souk is a partisan craftsman. We help and empower the community of artisans by being their ambassador and sharing their treasure. We guarantee fair trade to our authentic craftsmen. With your support, artisans can create the future of craftsmanship in Morocco and make all Moroccan products look like the best that the Moroccan country and people have to offer.

Camel souk

Camel Souk, fifteen years of significant experience in the decoration of places all over Morocco. Highly recommended and much appreciated. We are looking for unique antique pieces from Morocco to show you the incredible handmade treasures of Morocco; pottery / Tamgrout pottery, handmade Moroccan rugs, statute, antiques; a unique finished selection of amazing decorative items.


Our treasures which are also yours! are well selected and handcrafted by Moroccan artisans who have preferred to keep their unique pieces hidden over the years while waiting for treasure hunters.

Choose from our treasures of various layouts and designs to discover these majestic Moroccan pieces made by artisans, men and women, who perpetuate centuries-old traditions in their creations and passed down through families.

Each piece of our treasures is one of a kind. It is outside of what we know and expect. Each room has a huge touch of Moroccan culture. Craftsmen made these pieces using their greatest treasure - their own soul.

Ancient treasures, pottery, Moroccan rugs are all uniquely designed with religious influence in intricate patterns, colors, design and production. The beauty of these treasures comes from the know-how of their manufacture, passed down from father to son and from mother to daughter.

We are supportive artisans and we cannot thank Moroccan artisans enough, men and women, for this heritage preserved and carried through the centuries.

Likewise, you can travel to Morocco with us to experience the adventure of a lifetime. In addition, we organize trips in search of unique treasures tailored to your individual wishes.